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Who we are?

Amil Designs is a freelance web design company in Melbourne that assists you in creating the best website to show to your customers. My team and I design websites that accurately and effectively reflect what your business and team are trying to achieve. Our design and development process focuses on websites that will attract and retain customers. We aim to keep everything simple and easy to understand for you, aiming to build long term relationships so that your business can get the best long term results.

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Amil Designs

What we do



Combining technical skills with creative solutions, we specialise in delivering high-quality web solutions so businesses' like yours can stand out and appeal to customers.


After completing our clients website, we continue to work with them to improve their website traffic using effective and proven techniques to increase your leads. We can help with your Local SEO, Content Writing and all your On-page and Off-page SEO needs.

How does your process work


In the first part of the project we ask you questions and talk with you about your vision and needs. In this stage we aim to get the best understanding of how you want your website designed and what your goals are. Here we also ask you to provide us details of your competitors, inspirations and the styles you want us to create. 

After discussing your needs, we start our research process. We research your competitors and plan your overall website. Here we plan and strategise on how to best overlay the website based on your needs and based on your customers and competitors. This is the part where we provide you a wireframes of your website. This means that we design the website in grey, without using colours, images and styling options and share this design. If you agree with the website overview, we move on to the next stage. 

Here we develop and design your website. In this stage, the team makes sure that you get the best design possible and the best final product. 

Finally, we deliver the final product. You will be given final files for your package to start using on your website. If you need any revisions, we provide you with unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied and we hope to continue our relationship with you as we will provide you with any support needed on your website after we have delivered. 

Work we have completed recently


Collins Laser Aesthetics

Collins Laser Aesthetics

Collins Laser Aesthetics’ wanted a website that best captures the services they provide in extensive detail to answer any of the customers questions. We created a website where it told, Collins Laser story while also having lots of content that is very visually appeasing. We were able to attract a lot of new customers through the engaging content that we wrote and increased their website traffic from 0 – 700 organic visitors a month through our Local SEO strategies. 

Optimal Homes

Optimal Homes

Optimal Homes wanted an upgrade to their previous site design and also wanted a website that would display their homes in a more visual manner. Therefore, we created a website where every page was more visually appealing and that each page enticed their customers to come and visit their homes. The website is also very easy to navigate and customers can find their perfect home without a hassle. 

What our clients have said about us


Amil and the team were incredible. Not only did they create an amazing website that suited my needs but have continually helped me grow my traffic in the year and my business has been growing ever since.
Dr Maurice Haddad
Maurice Haddad
Collins Laser Aesthetics
Most frequent questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors catering to a variety of markets and cultures, from small business and enterprises to new startups and much larger corporations. We don’t mind working for any client due to our experience and our thorough research process. 

Prices vary per project. However, we always aim to provide you the best price to suit your budget. Our prices reflect our skillsets and how we aim to provide you an edge over your competitors. 

It depends on the project. We aim to complete every project in a 3-6 week time span. 

Yes. The website is completely yours after we deliver. Since we use the latest software it’s very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages if needed, otherwise you can just ask us. 

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